We believe in working closely with our clients to add real value in catering to the needs of their consumers.

An inclusive approach

We co-create/develop relevant solutions along with our clients to address their business challenges.

Flexible, resillient engagement

We refine outcomes and improve output reliability in a cost effective way.

Expertise in consumer insights

We extract insights using proven methodologies rooted in sound statistical/analytical techniques.

Use of technology

Technology is at the heart of everything we do - we deploy tools that enhance efficiency and aid decision support.


We offer a set of business solutions designed to aid various elements of the marketing mix. These have been built over time using the first principles of statistical and mathematical modeling. We have applied these for clients, to address real life business challenges. While these business solutions follow a certain process, there is enough flexibility built-in for us to adapt to specific client situations.

Market-Mapping Segmentation (MMS)

We adopt a segmentation approach that supports opportunity identification & consumer need understanding to aid micro-marketing efforts.

Product Planning System

Our framework is designed to aid product planning by measuring and anticipating emerging consumer needs on all elements of the marketing mix.

Pricing Decision Support System (PDSS)

A platform we use that provides inputs on product/feature pricing including consumer trade-offs and price-volume sensitivity.

Product Testing

Specific to the automotive industry, our specialised analytics solution is designed to provide feedback in real time that can support product improvements.

Brand Effectiveness Measurement (BEM)

A process we use to measure brand effectiveness through the awareness to action funnel.

Mystery Shopper Audit

We aim to measure sales effectiveness through a “real” customer process audit.

Channel Partner Assessment through Share of Wallet Analytics (SoW)

A framework we have adopted to link customer experience (satisfaction) data with customer spends data from the DMS (dealer management system) to create SoW (share of wallet) analysis.

Customer Experience Measurement System

A framework we have adopted to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty with product, cost of ownership, dealer sales, dealer after-sales and brand.


The business solutions that PremonAsia offers has been applied to address specific client challenges across multiple engagements which are both tactical & strategic in nature. Some examples of these are provided here as reference.

Our client is faced with a situation to protect its turf against competition, enhance its market penetration, and find ways of market expansion to retain its dominance.

We applied Market-Mapping Segmentation (MMS) and its 4-step process (market segmentation; market mapping; opportunity prioritization; deep dive to extract marketing & product/ service development inputs). This solution uses consumer inputs to provide an outside-in view and then examines the market structure followed by identifying opportunities/ white spaces within that construct.

Our client is looking at introducing a new product and its variants. Wants to create a suitable pricing strategy thatgives the most optimal balance between volume & value.
We utilized Pricing Decision Support System (PDSS) and its 4-step process (identify drivers of choice; understand price sensitivity; examine price-volume relationship; identify trade-offs). This solution helps build a suitable pricing & varianting strategy.
Our client wants to enhance their selling efficiency through its channel partner with a target of increasing their market share.

Using Mystery Shopper Audit (MSA) with “real” customer, we were able to map the entire process from first contact till negotiation stage. This provides both tactical and strategic insights on areas that need to be fixed for enhancing sales effectiveness, in addition to providing training inputs.

Our client is exploring a new product to tap into the emerging needs of a fast growing segment of the market. Given the long lead time in product development, this client wants to get inputs on all elements of the marketing mix that helps assess the segment need and minimise risk.

We applied Product Planning System (PPS) to address this challenge. Starting with understanding the size of the opportunity as a core need, the system then identifies customer expectations/future needs on the product, dynamics on positioning and branding, pricing & trade-offs, and distribution related inputs. This comprehensive system is designed to create a road map.  

Our client wishes to sensitise its channel partners to the importance of customer satisfaction/loyalty and how that links to business performance.

We utilised a combination of Customer Experience Measurement System (CEMS) and Share of Wallet (SoW) analysis by linking index of CS measurement with customer spend data from the DMS (Dealer Management System) to demonstrate the monetary value of a customer.