We are a consumer insights based consulting company. We create marketing, product and strategic decision support tools and provide advisory services.

About Premon Asia

We offer a suite of business solutions to key industry players through astute consumer-insight led consulting


One of the fastest evolving sectors in India and Asia. Our experience and expertise cuts across all sub-segments of this industry.


With almost 150 million households still residing in rural areas and with growing incomes, rural markets is the next big opportunity in India. We have the experience to partner you to grow your business.

Hospitality & Retail

With increasing disposable income, the consumer is exposed to a wide choice of brands at varying levels of quality and price. We have the experience to help you differentiate yourself in this environment.


At heart, we are consultants who are driven by business outcome and strategy. Right from our inception, we have adopted an industry focused and consumer insights driven business consulting approach. The business solutions that we offer are rooted in this philosophy.  This lends itself well to develop and deliver deeper knowledge-based engagements for our clients – an approach that allows us to build deeper long term partnerships with our clients.


We believe in working closely with our clients to add real value in catering to the needs of their consumers.

An inclusive approach

We co-create/develop relevant solutions along with our clients to address their business challenges.

Flexible, resillient engagement

We refine outcomes and improve output reliability in a cost effective way.

Expertise in consumer insights

We extract insights using proven methodologies rooted in sound statistical/analytical techniques.

Use of technology

Technology is at the heart of everything we do - we deploy tools that enhance efficiency and aid decision support.


Our clients come from key industry sectors most notably the Automotive, Hospitality & Retail, and Rural markets